Louise Pallister


A love of the drawn mark and a compassion for animal others come together in Louise Pallister’s work. Inspired by the more-than-human world she uses drawing, printmaking, and animation to examine the ways in which we are both intimate with, and ignorant of, sentient others.

Observations of fellow animals in zoos, sanctuaries and the wild, underpin her work. In sympathy with a fragile natural world, hers is a practice of erasure, revision, and omission in mark making. It is an undertaking with no expected outcome, more a series of open-ended questions by which to test the boundaries of her practice.


She writes about her art and its influences to reflect on and navigate her experiences. This evolutionary approach can be viewed as extended field notes; a personal record of explorations in both nature and art.

Her work has been shown at the Collyer Bristow Gallery, Woolwich Print Fair and the Ferens Open amongst others. Her essays appear in online magazine, The Learned Pig.

Wilderness Art Collective