Nickolai Globe


Nickolai Globe explores the surface on which we stand, the thin crust, our place in the universe. His meditation is metamorphism, matter and deep time, expressed in the ancient lunar landscape of the Isle of Harris, a remote and archaic island of rich geology and elemental force, where he lives and works. Sub-arctic and raw, its power and complexity is completely exposed. Expressed in Ceramic, Wood, Stone, and Paint, his work is a reflection of the phenomenal. 

His path began through clay, over the years he has continued his explorations geographically, conceptually and materially, working with mediums from earth to digital, sound to steel and in environments from aboriginal tropical jungle to urban wasteland. He has established his practice in a Granite Church that has been transformed into a creative space on the Isle of Harris, where the archipelago of the Outer Hebrides fringes the edge of the Atlantic Abyss, he welcomes visitors to his "Thought Laboratory" in the wilderness.


The Ceramic work produced in the studio is high fired stoneware, incorporating local minerals, stones and sands. It also incorporates fused glass. This technique involves firing the ceramic pieces with glass to very high temperatures. This vitrifies the clay to a rock like material and fuses the glass to the clay. The subtle colours are achieved through careful use of metal oxides: cobalt, copper, manganese and iron. The processes involved create completely unique results. The work is vitrified and eternal, like stone. It will last for thousands of years, never fading, just remaining as a fragment of time, movement, energy and thought.

Wilderness Art Collective