Sax Impey


Sax Impey’s work is derived almost exclusively from particular experiences while spending long periods at sea, sailing the open ocean in its multiplicity of states. A qualified RYA Yachtmaster, he has sailed many thousands of nautical  miles delivering yachts at sea in many parts of the world.

Utilising his documentation of these voyages, the sketches, photographs, charts, logbook and memory, his studio practice seeks to produce work which revisits and interrogates the nature of those specific experiences.

The work he makes is born of complete engagement with the marine environment, of the time spent bearing witness to aspects of the natural world, and hopes to convey both the vitality of the lived moment, and address critical questions regarding how we view the world.


Whilst maintaining a solo studio practice he has also engaged in numerous collaborative projects, including film, theatre, performance and installation works.

He has been exhibiting with Millennium Gallery, now Anima - Mundi, since 2002, and was elected an RWA Academician in 2012.

His paintings are in numerous collections including The Arts Council, Warwick University, the Connaught Hotel alongside many other private collections worldwide.

“21st Century mass communication, the relentless, total, banal, vapid tedium of the seeming need to communicate, or be communicated to, all the time, disappears out there on the ocean. A mind can breathe, and observe, and reflect, away from the shrill desperation of a culture that, having forgotten that it is better to say nothing than something about nothing, invents ever-new ways to fill every single space with less and less…”

Wilderness Art Collective