Sam Mould


Sam Mould works as a landscape artist translating physical time-based actions and using language, cartography and the notion of place to connect with landscape, site and memory. She is a multi-media practitioner whose grounding is in painting and art(ad)venture.Sam graduated from Slade School of Fine Art (2012) with an MA and attended Camberwell as an undergraduate (2006-2010) on the BA (Hons) Painting programme.

Further, she holds a BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy (2000) and is currently studying for a MSc. Sustainable Heritage at the Bartlett, UCL with a view to evolving the connection between wilderness landscapes and well-being.


 Moving through wild places be it cycling, or swimming or walking in the landscape is to draw an impermanent line, tracing the memory of an event that connects the future and the past. However faint, we leave a mark, maybe a footprint, and in return, the land reciprocally imprints upon us. Paths and ways that have been used over time, and will be used in the future and so like the cycle of water and rock, have a continuum.

 Existing in the landscape as I am, was and will be is attempting to think of another way of being. My traces have been left behind, washed away and reconfigured. We have a deep connection to outdoor places and all too often in these contemporary times are we finding that connection fading. By bringing attention to this land(e)scaplogy, we can learn to place value. Value drives importance and the sharing of experience, therefore, provides connection to places that we care about, to protect them and their inhabitants for the future.

I carried the Sea. I carried the Sea.

I carried the Sea in my pocket, in my hands and on my skin; in the pit of my stomach and on the walls of my veins.

The Sea I carried, it is with me.

I carried the Earth. The Earth I carried.

I carried the Earth under my chin, beneath my feet and in my eyes; the weight of it clouds my chest.

I carried the Earth as it directed me and I will never be the same.

Wilderness Art Collective