Sam Peacock


Sam Peacock has worked professionally as a painter since graduating from Coventry University in 1998 with a BA in Fine arts. He grew up in Rugby where his love of the ever changing landscape and the politics surrounding it began.

He’s worked on several collections over the years and has had solo shows in Berlin, Sydney and London with several more shows planned. Peacock undertaken a 6 month project during 2015 focusing on the effects of Hydraulic Fracturing within the UK and gave an artist’s response in the form of 52 separate images, each titled with a place name where planned fracking was to take place.


His latest project titled “Of The Land” solo showed at the Curious Duke Gallery, opening on May 3rd 2018. It was a direct artists response to the changing landscape of the area surrounding Hastings and Pett Levels during the last ice age.

Wilderness Art Collective